Though goats can survive and flourish anywhere they are, but not in the absence of good nutrition. Goats need a good diet in order for them to survive and perform brilliantly. In the absence of good nutrition, they are susceptible to various kinds of disease and illness. Their diet should be of qualitative green pasture, relevant grains supplemented with green hay. In order to keep them stable in health, they need a high level of protein with much minerals and vitamins. They also require large quantity of water for drinking. Surprisingly, goats can drink up to 5 gallons of water in a day.

The requirements varies from animals and time of the year. The important thing to raising a goat successfully is keeping the goats well – nourished. Goats with malnutrition are wasted efforts. Do not be surprise that goat can eat up to 3 percent of their body weight. Therefore, the most available and cost maximizing feed for goats is green pasture. Rather than storing protein in their body, it is being used up or eliminated through digestion. Other sources of protein are soybeans, grains, fish meal, and cotton seed.