Having the knowledge of reproduction in goats is very important in boosting productivity. The productivity of goats depends on the rate of their pregnancy, the frequency with which young ones are produced and the number of young ones produced. Understanding the reproductive processes in goats can help goat farmers to breed their female goats (does) to give birth to kids that will meet the need of a definite market niche.

Heat is the period in which the female goat allows the male goat to breed her. This phase may last between 12 hours to one and half days. The period between in one heat cycle to another heat cycle is known as Estrous cycle. The estrous cycle in goats usually occur every 18 – 21 days on average. The possible signs exhibited by does (female goats) that are in their heat period are did charge of mucous from the vulva, unusual bleating, swollen vulva, tail wagging, and so on. Does can have multiple births like twins, triplet, etc. and their gestation period which is the duration of their pregnancy varies between 146 – 150 days on average.