Their different types of goat that are been raised by humans. The purpose of raising a goat varies from friendship, milk, meat, wool and other purposes. The major types of goats, not limited to, are cashmere, dairy, pygmy, Boer, mountain goats and Nigerian dwarf.

Miniature goats are small in size and love to spend most of their time outdoors. They are bred from breeds like cashmere, angora, Australian field goats, Nubian, etc. They are usually gentle, adorable, and friendly in nature. They are also intelligent and inquisitive. Razing miniature goats required lesser space and this constitute their advantage over other types of goats. Pygmy goat is a very common and well known miniature goat breed that originated from West Africa. They are short in stature and have a hairy coats. Even though they are small in size, the quantity of milk produced by these goats are usually in large volume. In spite of this, they are not the best choice for dairy farming purpose. They continually breed throughout the year.